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most of the stuff i am working on never get's finished, but anyway ...


this is a library for scheduling resource constrained project management problems with genetic algorithms and includes some concepts from my thesis. find out more at http://www.librcps.org.


dicelab takes the description of a dice roll scheme in a abstract language and calculates the statistical distribution of the results (and can roll them as well, of course). in other words, a trip into compiler construction, graphs and statistics.


i am currently working on a asynchronous (single-process) dynamic web server where the part that generates the dynamic pages is compiled c-code and linked to the server, and the database is a in-process berkley db. this one is fueled with raw dynamite. it's fast, hard and absolutely l33t. if you want to beat me on this you will have to do ASP (assembly server pages).

i have nothing downloadable at the moment, but i'm rapidly approaching milestone 1, at which i will make a snapshot. and of course you can still mail me ...


the shredder mag is a local underground punkrock zine run by some friends of mine. i am doing the webpage www.shreddermag.de for them. the whole thing is run by a huge xsl stylesheet and some shell scripts. hardly portable to any other site, but i definitely recommend taking this approach for sites that have a lot of content that rarely changes. it's not clean enough to publish it, but if you are interested in it, just ask.

evil apparatus

everyone needs a project to enslave the world! my evil project is to build an apparatus that messes with the minds of people around me and make them addicted to means only i can control. once everyone is medicated enough, i will take over the world. the first prototype failed miserably both in quality and quantity of output. the second prototype has been designed with efficiency in mind from the ground up and is making progress. first samples of output were produced and tried with mixed but overall good results. currently some improvements are being made and i hope to get things going in the near future.

the logarithmic clock

apparently many things in our world only work under constant growth or even only under steadily increasing growth rates. examples include national economics, consumer electronis, computing or pop band turnover. this is an important change in the way things are perceived in this world and over short or long obsoletes our notion of time itself in every aspect of life but the most scientifical ones. i am therefore proud to announce tha logarthmic clock (patents pending): a time-measuring device that goes speeds up by a certain amount every tick. no need to update the ads for your computers every month, since the gigahertz unit changes with the speed of the silicon. no need to downsize your workers as the time they need to work every week increses steadily.

das schlaue buch

i am trying to build a scout-specific wiki, which is currently quite boring because i haven't been able to harrass enough people to do all the tedious work for me. anyway, you can check out the current status under http://www.schlauesbuch.de (in german). you gain extra points by contributing, if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask!

aikido web site

this aikido dojo is where i try (without any measurable progress) to train aikido. i also do the web site, which is pretty sweet for my standards (not being a web guy and all)

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